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Criminal Defense

At Cannon Law, we have decades of extensive experience, many victories and “Not Guilty” verdicts in criminal law and/or serious charges. We know-how to help you make the best of a bad situation when you are charged with a crime. Whether the charges are felony charges, misdemeanor charges or juvenile charges, we can help make the right choices that benefit you.


We urge you to please take advantage of our free initial case consultation and evaluation. When you are charged with a crime, call Cannon Law immediately! The call is free and it’s the call you can’t afford not to make! We’ve been fighting for your rights since 1970 – over 50 years!  Call today – (208) 745-2820


Felony Charges

A felony is a crime that carries a possible punishment of more than one year of incarceration. Felonies in the state of Idaho include some DUI and drug charges; aggravated assault or battery; homicide; sexual crimes such as rape or lewd and lascivious conduct; burglary; theft; embezzlement; etc. Our decades of experience can help you navigate these dangerous waters.


Just a single felony charge against you can impact your life in countless negative ways. It can result in incarceration, large monetary fines, court costs, and attorney fees. Sometimes, felony charges can even result in the loss of your job or career, drivers license suspension, probation, or even specialty courts.


Constitutional Rights

At Cannon Law, we pride ourselves in helping you throughout the legal process. We will listen to you to know what is important to you. Then, we will fight hard to achieve a successful result. We’ll help you understand how the court system works, we’ll make sure you understand the charges against you, and we’ll make sure you understand your rights to the fullest extent.


We will protect you against unconstitutional or illegal conduct by law-enforcement officers. We will aggressively assert your rights, identify all available defenses and fight for you. Trust our combined decades of legal experience to protect your rights and to work towards a favorable outcome for you!

2019 - Felony violation of no contact order

Reduced to misdemeanor violation of contact order.

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2019 - Felony injury to child

Reduced to misdemeanor injury to child

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2021 - Battery

2021 - Possession of Marijuana; possession of paraphernalia

2021 - Disturbing the peace

2021 - Malicious injury to property

2021 - Leaving the scene of an accident

2021 - DUI

Charge reduced to inatentive driving

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Aggressive Negotiation

We are experienced and skilled at negotiation. We’ll aggressively use the tools available to us to strengthen your position in dealing with the prosecutor — to the end of achieving great results through negotiations. We also excel at presenting cases to a judge and/or to a jury in trial. We’ll assert your rights and defenses and present your case to achieve acquittal!

Our many years of experience and our know-how prepare us to negotiate a successful plea agreement for you. And, when a plea deal is not in the cards, we will fight hard and smart in presenting your case to the court and/or to a jury with the aim of acquittal!



A misdemeanor charge is one that carries a possible punishment of incarceration, but for no longer than a year. Misdemeanors in Idaho include some DUI and drug charges; simple assault and/or battery; some sex crimes; and petit theft, disturbing the peace, etc. Contact us or give our dedicated team a call, we’ll fight your case to the fullest extent of the law.

Like felony charges, misdemeanors can result in incarceration, fines, court costs, job loss, drivers license suspension, probation, and even participation in specialty court. We’ll take your misdemeanor charges seriously and guide you through the court process.


Juvenile Charges

When a child under 18 years old engages in conduct that would be a misdemeanor or a felony or, charges can be brought under the Juvenile Corrections Act. The juvenile justice system in Idaho is similar to the criminal justice system. You need a skilled law firm, like Cannon Law, to help you navigate your best options – and with minimal delay to achieve the best outcome.

Like adults, juveniles can be placed on probation.  When it comes to incarceration, juveniles who are found guilty of committing offenses are sent to detention (not jail) and/or committed to the Department of Juvenile Corrections (not the Idaho Department of Corrections).

2021 - Petit Theft

2021 - Failure to Maintain Premises in accordance with City Code

2021 - Malicious injury to property

20121 - Injury to Child

2021 - Possession of Marijuana; possession of paraphernalia

2021 - Leaving the scene of an accident

2021 - Battery

Charge reduced to Disturbing the Peace; Defendant pled guilty to DTP

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2021 - Disturbing the peace


Family Law

We understand that bringing family questions and issues into court can be a stressful process and we’re committed to making this process as manageable and as painless as possible. It does not matter if you are facing a separation, divorce, a child custody dispute, visitation issues, a request for alimony or spousal maintenance, or if child support needs to be established, we will guide and protect you in the process.


We know every situation is different and will require a unique solution to take the stress out of it for you.  No one solution works for every household. We’ll get to know your family and ensure that your family members’ needs are met by the court. We’ll assist you with divorce, child custody, child support, guardianships and more.



Divorce is never easy to embark on, or to endure, for anyone no matter what stage you are at. You may be ready to start looking at options for separation or your spouse may have surprised you by indicating that they wish to separate and you are not sure what to do. A difficult occurrence may have left you feeling you have no choice, but together – we’ll find creative options that you might not be considering.


No matter what has brought you to this point, we are going to get you through this and we will make sure you come out of it ready to move forward. We will protect you and take care of you. We will make sure you know what options are available to you and that you are protected and taken care of throughout the process.


Child Custody - Visitation

While child custody and visitation issues are often a crucial part of any divorce proceeding, it is often the case that it needs to be addressed as its own separate issue for those who are not married but share children. Additionally, your individual life circumstances may have changed and require you to look into changing an existing order to make it more correct based on what in life has changed since an outdated order.


We’ll guide you through questions on establishing or modifying child support, custody, and visitation. We are ready to take emergency action when it is required and can guide you through difficult circumstances which often seem to appear unexpectedly before or after a court order for custody or visitation is in place.



There are times unforeseen circumstances lead to another to take on the role of caregiver for a minor child or for someone who is unable to care for themselves. Guardians and Conservator play a vital role in caring for those in need who cannot care for themselves, whether as a minor child or a disabled adult.

Guardianships can be crafted depending on the needs of the person to be given the extra assistance and can be a good option for those who are not able to care for themselves. Grandparents’ Rights And Custody Rights for Non-Parents Caregivers. Idaho law actually provides room for grandparents to have visitation and custody with their grandchildren in some circumstances.


Wills & Trusts - Probate

When a person passes away without a Will, there are statutes, known as intestate laws, to help administer an estate for someone who has not left a Will. These laws do their best to divide a person’s assets the way the legislature assumed that person would probably want. Unfortunately, they often get it wrong.

Some Trusts are Inter Vivos Trusts to be enacted while you are living and some are testamentary, which means they are only enacted after your death. Trusts can be an effective and protective measure to making sure your loved ones are cared for after you are gone. A trust will be administered by a trustee according to the rules laid out in the trust. Get peace of mind – contact us today.


Medical Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents are often completed alongside an estate plan and a will. They are similar in that they also give the power you possess to another to administer on your behalf when you need assistance or are unable to do so. They are very different when compared to testamentary documents, like a Will.

They do not become active when a person passes away. Instead, they carry authority and directions to act on your behalf while you are living. A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare gives general powers to make medical decisions, check you in and out of a medical facility, give consent to treat or for discharge, or to obtain medical records. Get a Free Consultation today.

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