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David Cannon

Overview And Experience

I have twenty-five plus years of experience in criminal law. I have represented hundreds of people who have been charged with everything from traffic violations to first-degree murder. I understand your Constitutional Rights. I understand Idaho criminal statutes. I understand Idaho criminal procedure. I understand Idaho rules of evidence.

I am eager to apply my knowledge and experience to fight for a “Not Guilty” verdict for you!

I know how to successfully negotiate. I am eager to apply my knowledge and experience to win your case through successful negotiations!

I went to the University of Utah Law School in 1992. I immediately demonstrated a grasp of criminal law, earning the Corpus Juris Secundum Award, presented to the top student in the class, in Criminal Law for 1992-93. Upon graduating in 1995, I began practicing in criminal law, and have been doing so ever since.

Along the way, I have successfully represented hundreds of clients. In some cases, I have convinced the prosecutor to dismiss charges. In others, I have negotiated felonies down to misdemeanors or otherwise made the best of a bad situation. In still others, I have battled to a “Not Guilty” verdict in court trials and in jury trials.

I currently serve in the Idaho House of Representatives, where I try to improve criminal justice through legislation. I also serve on the Board of the Idaho Public Defense Commission.

I have worked as an attorney in criminal law for more than twenty-five years. I have represented hundreds of people charged with anything and everything: from traffic citations to first-degree murder.

I am married and have four grown children (and three grandchildren!). I have a passion for athletics and for competition. I play basketball, tennis and disc golf, and I run. I ran in the Boston Marathon in 2017, after qualifying by completing my first-ever marathon in 3:20:31.

My competitive nature is an asset to me as a criminal defense attorney. It will be an asset for you, too. I love to compete! I will use that competitive nature to help you get to “Not Guilty!”

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