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We will present your Pocatello case to achieve acquittal! At Cannon Law, we offer a free initial case consultation and evaluation. When you are charged with a felony in Pocatello, call Cannon Law immediately! It’s free… it’s the call you can’t afford not to make!

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At Cannon Law, we offer a free initial case consultation and evaluation.

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"At Cannon Law, we have extensive experience and know-how to help you make the best of a bad situation when you are charged with a crime. Whether the charges are felony charges, misdemeanor charges or juvenile charges, we can help."

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At Cannon law, our many years of experience and our know-how prepare us to negotiate a successful plea agreement for you. And, when a plea deal is not in the cards, we will fight hard and smart in presenting your case to the court with the aim of acquittal!


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We’re skilled at negotiations and courtroom procedures We’ll aggressively use the tools available to us to strengthen your position in dealing with the prosecutor — to the end of achieving great results through negotiations.

Juvenile and Drug Charges

At Cannon Law, we’ll take your juvenile Pocatello charge seriously and guide you through the court or trial process. We will explain your rights to you. We will identify your defenses and fight hard to achieve a positive result for you.


Drugs and DUI Charges

Felonies are crimes that carry a possible punishment of more than one year of incarceration.  Felonies in Pocatello include some DUI and drug charges; aggravated assault and battery; homicide; sexual crimes such as rape or lewd and lascivious conduct; burglary; theft; embezzlement; etc.

Juvenile charges, like criminal charges in the adult criminal justice system, can impact one’s life in countless ways. A juvenile can be held in custody, placed on probation, receive a record which can close doors of opportunity for a lifetime.

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